This table displays the 27 Member States of the European Union plus the United Kingdom and allows you to click on a country in order to access its relevant transposition measures. The national transposition measures are presented in the form they were formally notified by the respective Member State to the European Commission. In some instances, only those legal instruments are presented that are of relevance for NIS security as such; thus, amendments to, for instance, criminal procedure law with no specific mentioning of the requirements of the NIS Directive have been omitted. In due course, the table will be amended by English translations of selected legal acts as commissioned in the framework of the EnCaViBS project to allow for a comparative analysis. The selection is based on the relevance for the EnCaViBS project and represents a variety of approaches. With regard to quick access to the relevant sections, some translations leave out sections that are irrelevant for our project. Nevertheless, the original national act is uploaded in its entirety so that native speakers are able to consider the measure in its legal context. The collection of national acts was retrieved from publicly available databases primarily from the national governments’ official gazettes. We are thankful for comments and corrections.