NIS Directive Commentary Update: Art. 11 Cooperation Group

The work on the NIS Directive Commentary continues and we have published the commentary to Art. 11 NIS Directive, which also addresses the new tasks imposed upon the NIS Cooperation Group under Art. 14 NIS 2 Directive. One of the priorities of the NIS Directive was to improve the cooperation between Member States in the … Continued

National Cybersecurity Strategies in the EU: Overview

National cybersecurity strategies emerged in Europe mainly after the 2007 cyberattack campaign against Estonia and the Commission Communication ‘Digital Agenda for Europe’, a flagship initiative under the Europe 2020 Strategy. In 2007, coordinated cyber attacks were launched against Estonian government agencies, banks, and media and telecommunications companies. In the follow-up of these events, Estonia became … Continued

NIS Directive Commentary Update: Article 6 Significant Disruptive Effect

The EnCaViBS project team continues to update the commentary to the NIS Directive with a comment on Article 6 NIS Directive. Article 6 NIS Directive concerns the factors to be taken into account when determining the significance of a disruptive effect as referred to in Article 5(2)(c) NIS Directive. The comment outlines the cross-sectoral and sector-specific … Continued

Commentary to the NIS Directive – Update

One of the main deliverables of the EnCaViBS project is a living commentary to the NIS Directive. A legal commentary can be a useful resource for providing current information on specific legislation. Legal commentaries usually refer to legal practice, and help to form structures and to define principles in individual areas of law. The main … Continued

When Security Interests Collide: Weakening End-to-End Encyrption? – A Brief Note on Recital 98 NIS 2 Directive

In November 2020, the Council of the European Union published the Council Resolution on Encryption, in which the necessity for security through encryption and for security despite encryption is emphasized. The Resolution is based on the assumption that access to encrypted content is becoming increasingly important for competent authorities in the area of security and … Continued

EnCaViBS Poster Series: Tasks and Role of ENISA

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) plays an important role in the European cybersecurity ecosystem. The Agency works with organisations and businesses to strengthen trust in the digital economy, boost the resilience of the EU’s infrastructure, and keep EU citizens digitally safe. Under the NIS Directive, ENISA is tasked with assisting the Member States … Continued