EnCaViBS Poster Series: Pseudonymisation Techniques – the Case of the Health Sector

The healthcare sector is one of the sectors covered by the NIS Directive. Healthcare has highly benefited from technological progress and digitalisation. With the integration of new technologies, new challenge emerge in relation to data protection and cybersecurity. New challenges are also linked to the extended information exchange among healthcare service providers. Large volume of … Continued

EnCaViBS Poster Series: Joint Cyber Unit

Beyond the NIS Directive with its focus on incident reporting and threat information sharing, there are a number of further activities at EU level to tackle the rising number of cybersecurity incidents. On 23 June 2021, the European Commission proposed a Joint Cyber Unit to bring together resources and expertise available to the EU and … Continued

EnCaViBS Poster Series: Tasks and Role of ENISA

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) plays an important role in the European cybersecurity ecosystem. The Agency works with organisations and businesses to strengthen trust in the digital economy, boost the resilience of the EU’s infrastructure, and keep EU citizens digitally safe. Under the NIS Directive, ENISA is tasked with assisting the Member States … Continued