EnCaViBS Poster Series: Pseudonymisation Techniques – the Case of the Health Sector

The healthcare sector is one of the sectors covered by the NIS Directive. Healthcare has highly benefited from technological progress and digitalisation. With the integration of new technologies, new challenge emerge in relation to data protection and cybersecurity. New challenges are also linked to the extended information exchange among healthcare service providers. Large volume of data also help to improve diagnosis and modelling of clinical outcomes. In response to the question how to ensure the safe processing of medical data, the European Cybersecurity Agency ENISA has published a report that explores how pseudonymisation techniques can help to increase the protection of health data. The report explains how pseudonymisation techniques can be applied to improve the level of protection of personal data through simple use-cases. This poster summarises how pseudonymisation can support personal data protection.

The poster on Pseudonymisation Techniques has been created by Georgioos Bouchagiar as part of the course “Transnational Regulation of the Internet” (Doctoral School of Law, University of Luxembourg).

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