The 1st University of St. Gallen Grand Challenge ‘The EU AI Act’ – A Grand Success for LegalAIzers

Our former Ph.D. researcher Pier Giorgio Chiara – who defended his thesis on ‘Security and Privacy of resource-constrained devices’ under the supervision of Prof. Cole in March 2023 – together with his team ‘LegalAIzers’ won the 1st University of St. Gallen Grand Challenge on the EU AI Act.

The Grand Challenge seeks to clarify how to implement the EU AI Act on concrete AI technology by way of a scientific competition. In March 2012, the organizers selected 12 teams from 30 team applications based on their expertise and commitment, the credibility of their pitch, and their diversity in terms of gender, age, and general background. The selected teams then competed by assessing a series of AI applications from the industry upon compliance with the proposed AI Act as it stands in mid-2023. Based on the experience from the Grand Challenge, the organizers will inter alia prepare policy recommendations.

In the Grand Challenge Final in July 2023, the jury chose two teams as co-winners: Pier Giorgio’s team ‘LegalAIzers’ suceeded alongside ‘Conformity Mavericks’.

The further team members of ‘LegalAIzers’ are: Dirk Brand (team leader, Stellenbosch University, South Africa), Emmie Hine (University of Bologna, Italy), Kholofelo Kugler (University of Lucerne, Switzerland), Parisa Osivand (University of Toronto, Canada), and Yasaman Yousefi (University of Bologna, Italy and University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg).

We congratulate Pier Giorgio Chiara, who is currently a Lecturer at the Law Faculty of the University of Bologna, and his team for their grand success.

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