Proposal for NIS 2.0

On 16 December, the European Commission adopted a Proposal for a Directive on Measures for High Common Level of Cybersecurity across the Union (COM(2020) 823 final). Undoubtedly the NIS Directive contributed to a significant change in the regulatory approach to cybersecurity in many Member States. However, increased digitisation of the internal market and digital transformation … Continued

Cybersecurity@CEPS SUMMIT 2020

Sandra was an invited speaker at this year’s Cybersecurity@CEPS SUMMIT “Policy Challenges for the EU Cybersecurity”. The online event focussed on the review of the NIS Directive and the need of cybersecurity requirements for ICT products. On 2 December, Sandra presented and discussed with fellow panellists Alessandro Zamboni (Partner and Head of Wavestone European Services), … Continued