BILETA 2022 Taylor and Francis Prize Awarded to EnCaViBS

The Taylor and Francis Prize 2022 of BILETA 2022 has been awarded to EnCaViBS team member Sandra Schmitz for her paper “To Report, or Not to Report, that Is the Question! The Struggle in Determining a Report-Worthy Cyber Incident”, advocating for an extension of reporting obligations in the new NIS 2.0 Directive. All conference participants were … Continued

37th BILETA 2022: EnCaViBS Has Been on Board with Two Presentations

The EnCaViBS team successfully presented their research at this year’s BILETA conference held at the University of Exeter. With COVID-19 restrictions lifted, the team attended their first face-to-face event since the project started in 2019. Our new R&D specialist, Paula Contreras presented her paper “The transnational dimension of cyber security. The NIS Directive and its … Continued