Whistleblowing or Denunciation?

Very interesting discussions at the Ethics in the Age of Smart Systems where Bettina Berendt of the Weizenbaum Institut and I presented our work towards Ethical and Technical Opportunities in the Age of Electronic Communication. While we are all convinced that anonymity (provided by anonymous communication technology) can help to early discover fraud and other … Continued

Open letter on crypto and recent attacks

Recently a Resolution by the Council of the EU has been leaked titled “Encryption — Security through encryption and security despite encryption“. Beside the unsettling play with different interpretations of “Security”, the resolution requires “Competent authorities must be able to access data in a lawful and targeted manner [..]”. While not explicitly requiring backdoors or … Continued

IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management

Stefan is co-chair of the 15th IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management. Due to the coronavirus spread, the Summer School was rescheduled, and will be held in conjunction with IFIP SEC 2020 in Maribor, Slovenia, on 20-23 September, 2020. In case that a physical conference is not feasible, the summer school will be … Continued

Paper Accepted at APF2020

Tracking without Traces—Fingerprinting in an Era of Individualism and Complexity Abstract. Fingerprinting is a ready-to-use technology that exploits the diversity and complexity of today’s personal computing devices. Since fingerprinting leaves little to no trace, Do Not Track (DNT) policies are hard to enforce. The upcoming ePrivacy Regulation must consider this technological reality. In this opinion paper, … Continued