Paper Accepted at APF2020

Tracking without Traces—Fingerprinting in an Era of Individualism and Complexity

Abstract. Fingerprinting is a ready-to-use technology that exploits the diversity and complexity of today’s personal computing devices. Since fingerprinting leaves little to no trace, Do Not Track (DNT) policies are hard to enforce. The upcoming ePrivacy Regulation must consider this technological reality. In this opinion paper, we analyse technical use cases for device fingerprinting as an easy-to-deploy and hard-to-detect tracking technology. The EU has a longstanding tradition in strong data protection norms. To keep this high standards, we call on to the legislator to act, and illustrate vital points that must be considered in the legislative process.

Researchers supported by EnCaViBS will present at the annual privacy forum 2020. In collaboration with the University of applied sciences Hof the authors present an overview of device finger printing technologies and their implication for policy makers.

This work is in collaboration with

Florian Adamsky,  University of Applied Sciences Hof, Germany

Stefan Schiffner, and Thomas Engel, University of Luxembourg, SNT, Luxembourg

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