New Publications Forthcoming

With the end of EnCaViBS approaching, we are happy to announce that some of our interim research results will soon be published. All publications will be open access and include the following: Paula Contreras, ‘The Transnational Dimension of Cybersecurity – The NIS Directive and its Jurisdictional Challenges’ in: C. Onwubiko, P. Rosati, A. Rege, A. … Continued

PG Chiara – The Cyber Resilience Act: the EU Commission’s Proposal for a Horizontal Regulation on Cybersecurity for Products with Digital Elements

Pier Giorgio Chiara, who has in the past contributed to this blog on several occassions, has published a research article on the CRA Proposal in the International Cybersecurity Law Review ([2022] 225 – 272). His article outlines the content of the CRA Proposal and also addresses the interplay with the forthcoming NIS 2.0 Directive. Abstract: … Continued

EnCaViBS – Summary Report on Cooperation

Our interdisciplinary project EnCaViBS inter alia evaluates the implementation of the NIS Directive in the EU Member States. One of our focus points also in terms of the NIS 2.0 Proposal is the assessment of the different cooperation mechanisms introduced by the NIS Directive. In that regard we asked the single points of contact (SPOCs), … Continued

EnCaViBS Contribution to the MISP Project

Responding effectively to the the challenges of NIS security requires inter alia the exchange of information on risks and incidents. Accordingly, the NIS Directive requires OESs and DSPs to report incidents with a significant/substantial impact. A key deliverable of the NIS Directive is also the creation of a computer security incident response teams network (‘CSIRTs … Continued

One Step Ahead: Mapping the Italian and German Cybersecurity Laws Against the Proposal for a NIS2 Directive

Pier Giorgio Chiara, Ph.D. student under the LASTJD-programme (Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITNEJD “Law, Science and Technology Rights of Internet of Everything” grant agreement No 814177) and Sandra Schmitz have just published with the International Cybersecurity Law Review on the advancement of Italian and German cybersecurity legislation compared to the Proposal for a NIS2 Directive. Their Article … Continued