Gikii 2022 Welcomed Us to Iceland

Sandra participated on behalf of the EnCaViBS team at this year’s Gikii conference at the University of Reykjavik in Iceland. Gikii, which exists since 2006, is THE original geek law conference and explores the interface between law and popular culture. The conference call invited contributions that had a link with sci-fi, fantasy, robots, AI, comic books, ghosts, VR, AR, Metaverse, etc. This year’s presentations perfectly reflected this unique approach to questions of law and technology from a geek perspective, inter alia did Austin Power’s Dr. Evil introduced us to success in the future of work or questions how to regulate magic where addressed. In the session “Creatures of the Night”, Sandra presented on incident reporting under the NIS 2.0 Proposal along the lines of that famous ghostbusters’ tune.

From the attached slides you will be able to see the difference to a “normal” conference:

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