Can we ban AI?

At CPDP Mark was Moderator of a panel on artificial intelligence. The estimated compound annual growth rate of the global emotion analytics market is 32.7 percent over the forecast period from 2018 to 2023, expecting the market to reach 24.74 billion US-dollars  by 2020. In addition, AI enters our home, our private lives and can uncover psychological and unconscious processes. At the same time, many of the concepts and assumptions underlying the current privacy paradigm are ill-equipped to adequately address these  new developments. This panel offers a re- conceptualization of established concepts such as the private sphere, personal data and psychological integrity in light of developments in AI. Questions that will be central to the panel include:

  • To what extent can facial and emotion recognition be adequately dealt with under the data protection regime?
  • Is our psychological integrity undermined by artificial intelligence and to what extent does the right to privacy have adequate answers?
  • How can the private domain be re-conceptualised when AI enters the home?
  • Should we ban AI from the home and from the most intimate aspects of our personality and if so, how?

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